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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Time is My Enemy


Somehow, things are taking WAAAY longer on my Dissertation than I expected/estimated/anticipated/hoped. It doesn't help that I had a flash of blinding insight over the weekend, showing me how I really **should** be structuring my ideas -- but also meaning I have to rip apart the entire thing and re-build. (Well, maybe 40% rebuilding. Recycling the scraps from the old -- but still...)

And when I say "how I really **should** be doing it," that means "...because now my new vision shows me that the old way doesn't work -- so I can't just leave it and plow on." I can't knowingly turn in Stupid Stuff.

Originally hoped to send the final draft to my Committee on Monday. Over the weekend, I e-mailed them to say "Not Monday, but hopefully Weds." But now, I'm not even sure if I can pull it together by the end of the week. I may even end up having to -- rather than being completely finished within a week or two of my defense -- go defend, then take full advantage of the 60 days of revision time. Blehhhh!!!!


OTOH, I'm generating some (to me!) intersting results. But, my guitars miss me! ;)

Time is My Enemy.


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