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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Green undies

WARNING: Potential "too much information" alert!!!

I actually bought underwear -- for the first time since I've been married (Aug. 1999)! Used to have a grandma who'd buy me socks and undies for Christmas, but she died in 2000. (I'm down to my last grandmother, out of three.) And I think before I got married, I bought a Costco 20-pack (or received it from my parents). So, as a bachelor-type, I had a comfortable backlog of undies, which let me push back laundry to a monthly endeavor.

However, the undies are slowly falling apart. I've been informed that most females do **not** find undies-full-o'-holes attractive on men; so, as a favor to The Lady I've been surrendering holey undies to the rag bag. But, only the >5% holey ones. I mean -- hey! they still work! :)

Since all of my undies are around the same age, I'm experiencing a near-simultaneous failure (or whatever the I.T. jargon is). Material fatigue, and all that. So I'm now down to only a week's worth of undies.

Hence, the shopping trip. Just a four-pack this time, to get me going; if I like this brand, I'll get more. Not the "plain white briefs" I've always bought; instead, a four pack of one color each. Faaaaancy!!! :)

One, one of the four is green! (Looked for a "pack o' four greens," but couldn't find.)

I'm also going to have to buy some more socks in a bit. I actually have plenty of "regular" socks -- both athletic and plain-colored dress socks -- but over the last couple-a years I've realized I like gargoyle (i.e. "argyle") socks. Esp. with boots, and Converse-style sneakers.

Strangely, they don't sell gargoyle socks here in Aussie-land -- at least, not in Target. (Except -- this season -- in the women's section. But they're not my size.) Used to get gargoyle socks from the above-mentioned grandma, but no more. So, will have to pick some up in the States.



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