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Monday, May 30, 2005

Dissertation status

Hm! These things take longer than one would expect. But then, I've never done this before -- and don't plan to do another one!!! ;)

Shut down just before 2am last night (or technically, "this morning"; but I sez it's still the same day, until I goes to bed!), being maybe two paragraphs away from finishing the second analysis chapter. Surprisingly, took me all day to do it -- mostly because of working out predicted probabilities -- little fiddly things.

Today (Monday), should have the final analysis chapter done. Maybe if I'm lucky, also finish the Discussion chapter! Regardless, should have the whole pile ready to e-mail out to my Committee by Tuesday late-ish. Not perfect, still a goodly number of known gaps -- but certainly stronger than the previous version.

BTW, a few days ago realized that not all Dissertations are created equal. More specifically, different disciplines, and different universities' versions of the same discipline, have different requirements. For example, History Dissertations -- those are ***HUUUUGE***. Whereas the Social Work Dissertations (at least the one's I've seen), and some Education Dissertations -- and this isn't meant as a slag against anyone in particular -- are only about 20 pages longer than my M.A. Thesis. They have an extra theory chapter, but they only have one analysis chapter. Whereas my Social Science degree at [mystery University in western Washington] requires three.

Again, not like I'm sayin' that **anyone's** dissertation is easy... ;)



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