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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cold house, long dissertation

Up late, typing on my dissertation. Will be up until 2am-3am, as I have most nights for the last week. But, yesterday and today I slept in until 9:30am or 10am (luxury!).

It's 11:30pm and it's 64.0F indoors (equivalent: 17.8C). As I sit here, I can feel the cold thru my jeans; I'm contemplating putting on longjohns under my jeans, except that it's not even winter yet and I'm indoors, so it seems inappropriate. I compensate by continually making "tea runs" back to the kitchen, to keep my insides warm.

Daytime, though, was sunny and pleasantly warm. Typical Brisbane weather, as summer slides into winter.

If I wasn't working on the ol' Dissertation, I'd be in bed, warm and reading a book. Ah well: If I had just put in fifteen minutes a day extra over the last year... ;)

Only a week or so left of these late nights: I told my Dissertation committee I'd get my draft to them by Monday, May 23 rd. (-ish.)

Did a rough calculation of what I have left to do. I'm estimating more like Weds, May 25 th. Not quite as nice to them, but still gives them two full weeks to look at it before I defend on Weds, June 8 th. And they've already seen an earlier version.

Tonight's task was (and still is) reading through the comments and suggestions my committee made re: my previous draft, and either addressing them or making a note to myself on how I'll address them later. Really good suggestions -- caught stuff I hadn't noticed, thought of things I hadn't. Which you'd expect, given their experience levels, compared to mine. :)

Good stuff. But, a lot of handling to do...



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