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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Adding a calculator?

Those that know me "in real life" know that I wear a lot of gear on my belt, and in my pockets:

-Back pockets: wallet with both U.S. and Australian currency; cloth hankie; paper for jotting down ideas.

-Front pockets: coin purse, including guitar picks; folding scissors; keys; black pen; green pen; small tape measure.

-On belt (clockwise from belt buckle): pedometer/clock; 35mm camera; multi-tool (pliers, knife, can opener, etc.); green LED squeeze light; blue LED squeeze light; harmonica (key of C).

In addition to all this, I had this ideas yesterday morning, on the way to work: a small pocket calculator, in a shoulder holster! (Left shoulder.) The Lady says that this is going beyond, (i.e. getting excessive) -- which is probably true. OTOH: **major** GeekPoints(tm)!!!

WIFMD (tm)*... ;)


*When I Finish My Dissertation


At May 13, 2005 10:48 PM, Blogger K. said...

Sounds like you have more accessories on your utility belt than Batman!

There needs to be the male equivalent of a purse. Your European man will carry a man bag around, but that won't fly here...American men would perceive this as a threat to their masculinity. I think there was a Seinfeld epsisode on this topic.

So I had this idea of inventing a bandolier (a "mandolier"?) to hold all our stuff. It would basically be a leather strap worn slung over one shoulder, or both like those ammo belts seen on Mexican desperados. At the hip would be a small satchel to carry your accoutrements.

Then, when we went to London, we saw men carrying around messenger bags everywhere. So I bought one of those instead.


At May 14, 2005 11:59 AM, Blogger Gye Greene said...

Sounds like a good solution.

For a while, I thought those "fanny packs" might be a solution. Except that when worn on your fanny, they're too easy to pickpocket, and ya can't sit down. But, worn over the front (on guys), they look like distorted codpieces.

In the past, I've worn a fanny back much like a messenger bag.

Messenger bags work because Indiana Jones made them look cool, and acceptably masculine. ;)



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