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Thursday, April 21, 2005

My little adventure

The Lady was feeling better today, so around 2pm I went off to buy a Thursday paper (the t.v. schedule comes out in the Thursday paper). And, I wanted a Slushie (I **really** like Slushies!!!).

But first, had to get gas (or "petrol", as they say here). And, once I got there, I thought, well heck, I'm halfway to [name of neighborhood], maybe I just check out this pawn shop we keep driving by. It was closed, but I peeked thru the windows: nuthin' much.

But, I was so close to the [that neighborhood] shopping mall that I'd check out the Cash Converters (a chain of pawn shops). Nothing exciting in the way of guitars, amps, or other music gear. But there was a brace (as in "brace and bit") for three bucks, so I bought it. (My first one!)

And, as I was pulling in to the Cash Converters parking lot, I'd seen a large thrift store across the street. So I went there afterwards, and spent $18 on old LPs.

Then I got the Slushie (at a 7-11); then I went home. My little adventure. Realizing, of course, that The Lady always drives, because (1) she already knows where most things are, having lived there most of her life, and (2) she actually enjoys driving, whereas I don't care either way. But consequently, I don't know how to get to many places (no need!). So, this was all very adventurous and empowering. Didn't get lost! And even got to take a "shortcut" (actually, just an alternate route) when road construction was between home and the 7-11.

The Lady wondered where I'd dissapeared to, though: took me two and a half hours to buy a paper and a Slushie. ;)


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