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Monday, April 25, 2005

Misc. job prospects

Well, back in at work, for at least a partial day. Trying to finish up a job application that **was** due on Friday -- but my body decided to shake hands with a virus instead. (Or a bacteria? Whichever. Phoned them asking what to do, and they said since it was illness, I could turn it in after today's [Monday's] federal holiday.)

About a week and a half ago, submitted an application for a research position downtown with a govt. agency that does crime/criminal justice/ policing-oriented social science research. Evaluates things like "does this delinquency prevention program work?" Two positions: one permanent, one for a one-year contract (I think someone's going on maternity leave).

Friday, my application was for a supervisory position (and/or three research assistant positions) here on campus, with the social science reaserch institute. They do evaluations and analyses based on grants and govt. and industry requests. Apparently, they actually scored a greater proportion of grants, etc. than they expected, so they're hiring these four extra, fixed-term (one year) positions. But, it's right here on campus (handy! can still commute with The Lady); they claim to be "family friendly", so I might be able to work four ten-hour days and spend a day with The Bub; and I already know some of the people over there.

Either way, it's extra money for the household; I'd probably want to negotiate for my starting work **after** I finish all my Dissertation work, though...


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