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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Age of people in authority: addendum

A follow-up to the "Age of People in Authority" (Apr. 19) entry:

I subscribe to a Mixmasters e-mail list, which discusses home multitrack music recording techniques. (Note that the e-list is thriving, but the info on the linked page is obsolete; ex: we trade mp3 files, not cassette tapes.) Unicycle Guy e-mailed me to say

> I was looking at this blog, and it mentioned your blog, which I read. It's
> interesting that you value people older then yourself, since so few people really
> do. Guess you just need an older loan agent, huh?

Turns out I'd mentioned my "older person" theory just last night to my Next-Door Neice, who pointed out that someone who's 28 could've been doing it for eight years, whereas someone 55 could've been laid off from their former career, and only been doing this for a year or two.

So, there's wisdom in youth, too... ;)



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